How to be a designer's favorite software engineer

A few weeks ago I asked designers on Mastodon to tell me about their favorite software engineers. What did those engineers do that they wish all engineers would do?

How to be a designer's favorite software engineer
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What designers want (from software engineers)

I care a lot about design. I want the software I work on to be good. Well-designed on the inside, but also a joy to use, and good at getting its job done. That means I care a lot about working with good designers, and about working well with them. I know that working with software engineers isn't always easy, and that our respective worlds can be pretty different sometimes, so I've been talking a lot with designers lately about what they need from engineers, and how I can be the best possible partner.

A few weeks ago I asked designers on Mastodon to tell me about their favorite software engineers. What did those engineers do that they wish all engineers would do?

Nat Bennett (
Hey designers-- Tell me about your favorite software engineers/developers you’ve worked with. What’s something they did that you wish all engineers you work with would do? #design #designers #ux #uxdesign

Some themes emerged. Engineers who are good partners to design...

  • Participate in user testing and read through UX survey results
  • Comment on designs when something is missing or wrong, instead of just fixing it themselves
  • Ask questions about the underlying user need
  • When something looks hard, offer options that might get most of the way there and offer options
  • Know how to build things with third-party technologies, rather than always building everything themselves
  • Enjoy experimenting!

One of the best responses, from violetbison, included some advice for designers.

I was super lucky to talk to a developer at one point and he told me to always ask myself "what's next" and "what if", because that's how developer's mind work. What if there's 100 items in the table? What if there's none? What happens if I drag&drop this and that? What if I open it in the private mode? Etc. etc. It was a good tip. A good lesson. Quick tip, but made me a better designed almost immediately :D

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